Data Analytics

Get Actionable Data from your Website Traffic

Track visitor traffic and trends on your website

Spreadsheets (by the hundreds!) do not make life easier. Making sense of data is critical. We hook your website up to the “big data” firehose and reduce the noise to actionable data. We provide easily digested reports to understand traffic patterns, conversion rates, visitor engagement and any other metrics you may need to follow. We can track nearly anything and allow you to see into the data from a multitude of different angles.

Use open source tools to monitor and analyze website traffic

Before you can improve website and marketing metrics, you first need an effective way to capture pertinent data and measure it. Prior to publishing your website, the Aktion WebWorks team will deploy open source web traffic analytics application that will monitor traffic patterns and activity. This analytics product will provide all the data necessary to answer business-critical questions about the visitors to your website.


  • How many users came to our website
  • What is the Bounce Rate
  • How long do users stay on our website
  • How many users are new users
  • What web browsers are used
  • What countries are users coming from

Search Engines

  • How did users find my website
  • What search engine was used to find us
  • Did another website refer users to my website
  • How many users clicked from a favorite or typed in the address to find us

Web Pages

  • What pages do users land on when they come to your website
  • What page do users leave from
  • How many pages do users click as they visit your website
  • What is the total number of pages viewed for each day, week or month